Network equipment: importance and effectiveness.
Network equipment is a complex of technical devices designed to organize and maintain the operation of computer networks. It performs a number of basic functions, including data transmission between devices, network resource management, security provision, and network operation control.

The following components are included in the network equipment:

1. Routers - devices that transmit information between different network segments. They select the optimal path for data packet transmission and regulate network traffic.

2. Switches - devices designed to manage traffic within a network. They provide communication between computers and other network equipment.

3. Switching routers - combined devices that combine the functions of a router and a switch. They allow efficient traffic management in a local network and provide connectivity to remote network segments.

4. Wireless access points - devices that create a wireless network through which you can connect to the Internet or another local network. They provide stable and reliable connection to devices supporting Wi-Fi.

5. Modems - devices designed to convert the signal from network providers into a format understandable by a computer or other network equipment.

6. Media converters - devices that convert different types of network media, such as fiber-optic cable and copper cable, to ensure device compatibility in the network.

7. Firewalls - devices that provide network protection against unauthorized access, malware, and other threats. They control and filter incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure network security.

Network equipment plays an important role in modern information technology, providing fast and stable data transmission, convenient network connectivity, and information security.

Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L used
Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L
The Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches are a line of fixed configuration switches with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethern..
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20,000.00 грн
Dahua DH-CS4218-16ET-135 PoE 100 Mbps 16-port managed
Dahua DH-CS4218-16ET-135 PoE is a managed 16-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and a data transfer r..
10,054.29 грн
Dahua DH-CS4218-16ET-190 PoE 100 Mbps 16-port managed
Dahua DH-CS4218-16ET-190 PoE is a 16-port managed switch with support for data transmission over an Ethernet network. It..
12,516.57 грн
Dahua DH-LR2110-8ET-120 PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-LR2110-8ET-120 PoE is a high-quality 8-port switch equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) function, which prov..
8,412.78 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-36 PoE 100 Mbps 4-port
Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-36 PoE is a 4-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology support and data transmission s..
2,092.93 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-60 PoE 100 Mbps 4-port
Network switch Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-60 PoE is a high-quality device that provides data and power transmission for IP dev..
2,298.12 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3006-4GT-60 PoE 1000 Mbps 4-port
Dahua DH-PFS3006-4GT-60 PoE is a 4-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and data transfer speed of up to 1..
2,995.77 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3009-8ET1GT-96 PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3009-8ET1GT-96 PoE 100 Mbps is an 8-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support from Dahua. This swit..
3,406.15 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8ET-65 PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8ET-65 PoE is a high-quality 8-port switch designed for building reliable data transmission networks. T..
2,831.62 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8ET-96 PoE 100/1000 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8ET-96 PoE is a universal switch designed for high-speed data transmission networks. With its help, you..
4,226.91 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8GT-96 PoE 1000 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3010-8GT-96 PoE is a versatile switch that provides stable connectivity between various network devices. It ..
6,566.07 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3106-4ET-60 PoE 100 Mbps 4-port
Dahua DH-PFS3106-4ET-60 PoE is a 4-port switch with Power over Ethernet support and a data transmission speed of up to 1..
3,488.22 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3110-8ET-96 PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3110-8ET-96 PoE is an 8-port switch designed for data and power transmission over Ethernet. It supports Powe..
4,965.59 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3110-8ET1GT1GF-96 PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3110-8ET1GT1GF-96 PoE is an 8-port switch specifically designed for use in video surveillance systems. It pr..
5,170.78 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3111-8ET-96-F PoE 100 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3111-8ET-96-F is an 8-port switch with PoE support designed for data transmission using Ethernet technology...
7,304.75 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3211-8GT-120 PoE 1000 Mbps 8-port
Dahua DH-PFS3211-8GT-120 PoE is a high-quality 8-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, designed for use in..
10,259.48 грн
Dahua DH-PFS3218-16ET-135 PoE 100 Mbps 16-port unmanaged
Dahua DH-PFS3218-16ET-135 PoE is a 16-port unmanaged switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and data transfer spe..
9,849.10 грн
Dahua DH-PFS4206-4P-120 PoE 100 Mbps 4-port
Dahua DH-PFS4206-4P-120 PoE is a 4-port switch designed for connecting network devices in small and medium-sized network..
5,950.50 грн
Dahua DH-PFS4206-4P-96 PoE 100/1000 Mbps 4-port
Dahua DH-PFS4206-4P-96 PoE is a 4-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and a data transfer rate of 100/100..
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Dahua DH-PFT1200 Hi-PoE Midspan Injector (60W)
Dahua DH-PFT1200 Hi-PoE Midspan injector (60W) is a powerful device designed to provide power over Ethernet network cabl..
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Dahua DH-PFT1300 PoE extender for PFT1200
The Dahua DH-PFT1300 PoE extender serves as an exceptional addition to the PFT1200 series, expanding its capabilities an..
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Dahua DH-PFT3960 Transceiver (TX) 1.25 Gbps optical module
Dahua DH-PFT3960 is an optical transmission module (TX) with a bandwidth of 1.25 Gbps from Dahua company. This module is..
1,600.48 грн
Dahua DH-PFT3970 receiver (RX) 1.25 Gbps optical module
Dahua DH-PFT3970 is a high-quality optical receiver (RX) with a bandwidth of 1.25 Gbps from the well-known brand Dahua. ..
2,339.16 грн
Dahua DH-TAM1GT1GT-30 PoE+ Midspan injector
Dahua DH-TAM1GT1GT-30 PoE+ Midspan injector is a device developed by Dahua Technology to provide reliable and efficient ..
1,313.21 грн
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