Revolutionary capabilities of computers and laptops
Computers and laptops are modern technical devices designed to perform various tasks in the field of information technology. They have high performance and allow users to perform operations such as data processing, document creation and editing, graphic and multimedia work, video viewing, gaming, and much more.

Computers are desktop devices consisting of a system unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. They usually have high computational power, multiple different connectors and ports for connecting external devices, as well as the ability to expand and modify. Computers allow for complex mathematical calculations, processing large amounts of data, and working with specialized programs.

Laptops, unlike computers, are portable computers that can be taken on the go. They have compact sizes, built-in monitor, keyboard, and touchpad. Laptops usually have a rechargeable battery, allowing them to be used without being connected to an electrical network. They can be used in various fields of activity - from work tasks to entertainment and communication.

Computers and laptops are important tools for modern society. They facilitate the performance of many tasks, speed up work processes, improve communication, and access to information. Thanks to them, we can conveniently work and entertain ourselves, having all the necessary information and possibilities right at our fingertips.

RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 used
RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 used
Used RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 RIM-2000 Patriot mini is a small computer. Ideal for workplaces with li..
1 review
5,999.00 грн
DELL Latitude E5410 i5-M520 (14.1") used
DELL Latitude E5410 used
DELL Latitude E5410 i5-M520 (14.1") is a used laptop that offers excellent performance and reliability for everyday..
Not available
8,999.00 грн
HP 650 used
HP 650
HP 650 used Characteristics Lineup: ProBook Class: Programming, Multimedia Color (base): Gray Countr..
Not available
9,999.00 грн
Toshiba Satellite P55t-A5116 i5-4200U (15.6") Touch Screen used
Toshiba Satellite P55T-A5116 used
Toshiba Satellite P55T-A5116 / 15.6" (1920x1080) TN Touch Screen / Intel Core i5-4200U (2 (4) cores at 1.6 - 2.6 GHz) / ..
Not available
11,999.00 грн
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