Signal converters: injectors and media converters
Injectors and media converters are devices that play an important role in data transmission networks. Injectors are devices that allow power to be transmitted through the data transmission medium, such as Ethernet cable. They allow other devices, such as IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, or network devices, to be connected and powered without the need for a separate power cable. Injectors provide convenience and flexibility in the installation and configuration of security systems and other network devices.

Media converters are devices that allow integration of different types of data transmission networks that use different types of cables or connections. They are used to convert signals between different physical data transmission media, such as fiber optic cables, copper cables, or wireless connections. Media converters expand the capabilities of the network by enabling communication between devices operating on different types of network cables or protocols.

Injectors and media converters play an important role in network infrastructure, ensuring stable and reliable data transmission. They help simplify and optimize network connections, improving network performance and functionality. By using injectors and media converters, organizations and users can safely and efficiently exchange information within the network and expand the capabilities of their network infrastructures.

Dahua DH-PFT1200 Hi-PoE Midspan Injector (60W)
Dahua DH-PFT1200 Hi-PoE Midspan injector (60W) is a powerful device designed to provide power over Ethernet network cabl..
1,662.04 грн
Dahua DH-PFT1300 PoE extender for PFT1200
The Dahua DH-PFT1300 PoE extender serves as an exceptional addition to the PFT1200 series, expanding its capabilities an..
1,190.10 грн
Dahua DH-TAM1GT1GT-30 PoE+ Midspan injector
Dahua DH-TAM1GT1GT-30 PoE+ Midspan injector is a device developed by Dahua Technology to provide reliable and efficient ..
1,313.21 грн
Hikvision DS-1H34-0101P PoE extender
Hikvision DS-1H34-0101P PoE extender is a high-quality device designed to extend the range of power and data transmissio..
1,637.41 грн
Mikrotik GESP+PoE-IN injector with surge protection
Mikrotik GESP+PoE-IN is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector with surge protection function, which provides an efficient..
553.19 грн
MikroTik RBGPOE PoE injector for Gigabit LAN products
MikroTik RBGPOE is a PoE injector for Gigabit LAN products, designed by MikroTik. It is intended for power and data tran..
251.56 грн
Mikrotik XS+DA0001 DAC cable
Mikrotik XS+DA0001 DAC cable is a high-quality active direct cable for connecting network hardware. This cable provides ..
1,273.00 грн
Optolink-1M-FE-20A 1310Tx 20km media converter
Optolink-1M-FE-20A 1310Tx 20km is a media converter designed for data transmission in optical fiber networks up to a dis..
626.24 грн
Ruijie RG-E-120(GE) POE (802.3af) injector
Ruijie RG-E-120(GE) POE (802.3af) injector is a high-quality device designed to power network devices using Power over E..
862.62 грн
Ruijie RG-E-130(GE) POE+ (802.3af/at) injector
The Ruijie RG-E-130(GE) POE+ (802.3af/at) injector is a high-performance device designed to provide power over Ethernet ..
1,186.82 грн
TelStream MC-118/320SC (1310TX&1550RX, 20km SC) media converter
TelStream MC-118/320SC is a media converter designed for data transmission over optical cable up to a distance of 20 km...
602.03 грн
TelStream MC-118/520SC (1550TX&1310RX, 20km SC) media converter
TelStream MC-118/520SC is a media converter designed for data transmission over optical and copper networks. This conver..
602.03 грн
TelStream MC-218/320SC (1310TX&1550RX, 20km) media converter
TelStream MC-218/320SC (1310TX&1550RX, 20km) is a high-quality device specifically designed for data transmission ov..
1,016.51 грн
TelStream MC-218/520SC (1550TX&1310RX, 20km SC) media converter
TelStream MC-218/520SC (1550TX&1310RX, 20km SC) is a multifunctional media converter that provides signal conversion..
1,016.51 грн
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