Optical transceivers: transmission of signals at the speed of light
Signal optical transceivers are devices that convert an electrical signal into an optical signal and vice versa, providing data transmission over optical fiber communication channels. These devices are equipped with an optical transmitter, which converts the electrical signal into a visible or infrared light beam, which is then transmitted over the optical fiber. After that, the optical receiver in the transceiver converts the light signal back into an electrical signal, which can be read or used on the receiving side.

Signal optical transceivers have high data transmission speed, excellent noise immunity, and long transmission range. They are widely used in telecommunications systems, computer networks, medical devices, industrial control, and other areas where efficient and reliable data transmission over long distances is required.

Signal optical transceivers offer various types of interfaces, such as Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and others, to ensure compatibility with many devices. They can be single-mode or multi-mode, depending on the type of optical fiber used for signal transmission.

Overall, signal optical transceivers are indispensable elements of modern communication systems, providing fast and reliable data transmission over long distances. They play an important role in our modern information age and are becoming increasingly common.

Dahua DH-PFT3960 Transceiver (TX) 1.25 Gbps optical module
Dahua DH-PFT3960 is an optical transmission module (TX) with a bandwidth of 1.25 Gbps from Dahua company. This module is..
1,600.48 грн
Dahua DH-PFT3970 receiver (RX) 1.25 Gbps optical module
Dahua DH-PFT3970 is a high-quality optical receiver (RX) with a bandwidth of 1.25 Gbps from the well-known brand Dahua. ..
2,339.16 грн
Dahua GSFP-1310R-20-SMF 1 Gbps optical module
Dahua GSFP-1310R-20-SMF is an optical module with a bandwidth of 1 Gbps, developed by Dahua. It is a reliable and high-q..
2,298.12 грн
Dahua GSFP-1310T-20-SMF 1 Gbps optical module
Dahua GSFP-1310T-20-SMF is a high-quality optical module with a transmission capacity of 1 Gbps. It is designed for use ..
2,298.12 грн
Hikvision HK-SFP-1.25G-20-1310-DF single-mode optical module
Hikvision HK-SFP-1.25G-20-1310-DF is a dual-fiber single-mode SFP optical module developed by Hikvision. This module is ..
1,641.52 грн
Mikrotik S+2332LC10D 10Gbps/c SFP+ module set (Rx/Tx)
The Mikrotik S+2332LC10D 10Gbps/c SFP+ module set is a high-performance networking solution designed to deliver reliable..
13,132.14 грн
Mikrotik S-31DLC20D 1.25Gbps dual fiber optic module
The Mikrotik S-31DLC20D is a high-performance dual fiber optic module designed for seamless and reliable network connect..
1,000.50 грн
Mikrotik S-35LC20D (S-3553LC20D) 1.25Gbps set Rx/Tx
The MikroTik S-35LC20D (S-3553LC20D) is a set of two data transmission and reception modules that provide network transm..
2,735.18 грн
Mikrotik S-85DLC05D 1.25Gbps dual-fiber optical module
Mikrotik S-85DLC05D is a dual-fiber optical module with a throughput of 1.25 Gbps, which provides reliable and fast conn..
719.81 грн
Mikrotik S-RJ01 1.25Gbps module with RJ-45 connector
Mikrotik S-RJ01 is a high-quality module with an RJ-45 connector, developed by Mikrotik, specializing in creating networ..
1,200.36 грн
Ruijie MINI-GBIC-LX-SM1310 1 Gbps Optical Module
Ruijie MINI-GBIC-LX-SM1310 1 Gbps Optical Module is a high-quality device designed for data transmission over long dista..
1,715.80 грн
Ruijie MINI-GBIC-SX-MM850 1 Gbps SFP Optical Module
Ruijie MINI-GBIC-SX-MM850 is a one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) SFP optical module. This module is designed for use in co..
1,524.97 грн
Ruijie XG-SFP-LR-SM1310 10 Gbps SFP+ Optical Module
The Ruijie XG-SFP-LR-SM1310 is a high-performance 10 Gbps SFP+ optical module designed to provide reliable and fast netw..
4,765.74 грн
Ruijie XG-SFP-SR-MM850 10 Gbps SFP+ Optical Module
Ruijie XG-SFP-SR-MM850 is an SFP+ optical module that provides data transmission at speeds up to 10 Gbps. It is specific..
2,860.75 грн
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