Duplexers for repeaters

Duplexers are devices that allow you to transmit and receive signals on the same antenna, but in different frequency ranges. They are used in various fields such as radio communications, broadcasting, mobile networks and even radar. 
The principle of operation of a duplexeris based on the use of filters and resonators. These components allow you to pass signals of certain frequencies, as well as block or attenuate signals from other bands. Thus, the duplexer allows you to use one antenna for transmitting and receiving at the same time, minimizing possible interference. 
In mobile networks such as 4G and 5G, duplexers are used to separate signals between devices and base stations. This helps ensure more efficient use of the available RF bandwidth.

Duplexer Maxtronics UHF 50W
Duplexer Maxtronics UHF 50W
A compact six-element band-reject duplex filter is designed to provide resolution of transmitted and received channels i..
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