BI TREK fuel equipment for GPS monitoring

GPS fuel monitoring equipment are devices that are used to monitor fuel consumption in cars and other vehicles. They allow you to track the amount of fuel consumed, the level of fuel in the tank, as well as the location of the vehicle.

Such devices can be mounted on the fuel tank or on the fuel line and connected to a GPS tracker. They may have various functions such as:

  • Measuring the amount of fuel consumed
  • Determining the level of fuel in the tank
  • Vehicle locating
  • Unauthorized Fuel Discharge Notice
  • Vehicle mileage detection
  • Fuel consumption and driving routes reports

GPS fuel monitoring equipment can be useful for logistics and delivery companies, for fleet and car owners, and for people who want to control their car's fuel consumption. It saves on costs and prevents fuel theft.

Bi FL Sensor
Bi FL Sensor
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3,565.76 грн
BI IS tag trailer equipment identifier
BI IS tag
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7,257.72 грн
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