1. General Provisions

These Rules govern the procedure and conditions for placing and publishing the author's materials on the MicroGIS MultiMarket Internet service. The service is provided by LLC MikroGIS (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) to users for maintaining Internet records, hereinafter referred to as "blogs". The service is intended for publications on business and professional topics.

These Rules apply to Authors - individuals who have passed the registration procedure on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket and post information about themselves and copyright materials in the Blog in the manner prescribed by these Rules.

These Rules define the limits of liability for the content of information, as well as for violations of the rights of third parties committed by the Author when posting information and copyright materials on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket.

By providing information during registration on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket, you accept the terms of these Rules and receive the status of a registered Blog Author.

In case of disagreement with these Rules and / or refusal of registration, the placement of copyright materials is not carried out.

By posting information and copyright materials on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket the Author must adhere to the restrictions established by the current legislation of Ukraine, these Blogging Rules MicroGIS MultiMarket posted on the official website at http://shop .microgis.com/.

The materials posted by the Author of the blog must correspond to the general theme of the project.

The MicroGIS MultiMarket project format implies that at least 60% of the author's materials must correspond to business and professional topics in accordance with the author's declared competence.

2. Terms

Blog - a collection of Internet records, which is hosted on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket and is intended for the public posting of author's materials containing text, images or multimedia. The author's materials are posted in chronological order, available to third-party readers who may enter into a public debate with the author (in comments to the post or on their blogs).

Materials - copyrighted texts, images or multimedia, the copyright of which is the Author of the Blog.

Information is the author's own reference information posted by the Author when registering on the online service MicroGIS MultiMarket: last name, first name, patronymic, education, work experience, type of professional activity, contact details, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “information”).

Account is a set of information posted by the Author in the blog, which allows him to be identified as the Author of the blog.

Avatar - an individual graphic image of a certain size, chosen by the Author to be displayed along with his name on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket. MicroGIS MultiMarket uses a real photo of the Author as an Avatar.

Moderator - a person who performs the functions of moderating blogs, appointed by the administration of the site MicroGIS MultiMarket. By default, the Blog Author has Moderator functions in relation to his own Blog.

Moderation - actions carried out by the moderator to ensure that the Blogs and individual entries of Authors and visitors comply with these Rules. During the moderation process, the following measures can be used: issuing warnings to individual Authors and visitors for violations of these Rules committed by them, establishing a ban for violators to leave comments in a particular Blog, closing public access to the Blog or deleting the Blog if its content or its placement is contrary to these Rules, as well as other measures provided for by these Rules.

3. Registration of authors

3.1. Registration of authors on MicroGIS MultiMarket is carried out independently.

3.2. Posting information in the Blog is carried out by the Author independently after his registration, which occurs using his own unique login and password. The Author is responsible for the security of the login and/or password. If the password is lost, the author has the right to restore the account. For registration, only the real name and surname of the author are used.

4. Placement by the Author of texts, comments, photo and video materials

4.1. It is not allowed to publish other people's materials without specifying the author and reference to the source (including use as citations).

4.2. Prohibited: direct political campaigning and propaganda, political advertising and anti-advertising, actions that violate the principles of morality and ethics, manifestations of racial, national, religious, linguistic and ideological intolerance, calls for violence, overthrow of legitimate authority and other statements that violate the current legislation, discrediting honor and dignity, violating the rights and legally protected interests of third parties, as well as actions that are obscene or offensive; violating the rights of citizens to privacy or public order; undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

4.3. Authors are not allowed to post text, graphic or sound materials on the pages of their blogs that violate the legally protected interests of third parties.

4.4. Statements discrediting the business reputation of TOV MikroGIS, as well as unsubstantiated statements affecting the business reputation of other companies and organizations are unacceptable.

4.5. It is not allowed to blog for the purpose of advertising a company / organization or advertising goods and services or otherwise promoting the sale of any goods and services in any form, and actions aimed at increasing ratings are also prohibited.

4.6. The author does not have the right to place (including mass) materials of an advertising or campaigning nature, as well as post information that popularizes the activities of public figures, commercial offers, anti-advertising, "letters of happiness", links with referrals (participation in network marketing) . Mass placement of advertisements in the comments or any other way of publishing unsolicited and unauthorized advertising materials and information is also prohibited.

4.7. It is forbidden to place a fragment of material with a link to the full version on another Internet resource.

4.8. The title of the article should be concise and informative.

4.9. When posting photo and video materials, it is prohibited: to post video material, the content of which violates the laws of Ukraine, in particular, contains calls for ethnic hatred, pornographic images, photographs of individuals taken without their permission, violates the copyright and rights of third parties protected by the legislation of Ukraine.

4.9.1. Photos (graphic images) are subject to publication. Image format - JPEG (jpg, jpeg), PNG (png).

4.9.2. It is allowed to add a player code to the text of the material to embed videos from "Youtube" video hosting.

5. Intellectual property right and liability for its violation

5.1. By agreeing to these Rules, the Author guarantees and confirms that he has all the necessary rights and powers necessary to post information and copyright materials on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket and confirms that the specified information does not violate in any way established by law Ukraine rights of third parties.

5.2. The Administration is the owner of copyright property rights to the design and software of the site MicroGIS MultiMarket, as well as other objects of intellectual property rights created by the Administration during the operation of the specified site.

5.3. Responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of the Materials is borne by persons and organizations that have illegally used the Materials posted on the MicroGIS MultiMarket website.

5.4. Until otherwise established, all personal property and non-property rights to the Material belong to the Author who posted them. The author is warned about the liability established by the current legislation of Ukraine for the unlawful use and placement of other people's works. If it is established that the Author who posted the Materials is not their copyright holder, these Materials will be withdrawn from free access at the first request of the legal copyright holder within three days from the receipt of a written notification (request) by mail (not electronic).

5.5. LLC "MicroGIS" is not responsible for the content of author's blogs and comments to them.

5.6. MicroGIS LLC is not responsible and does not accept any liability for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or published through the MicroGIS MultiMarket resource, and is not responsible or liable for any commercial or investment decisions based on this information.

5.7. The Blog Service is provided for informational purposes only, and no informational content posted on it is intended for commercial or investment purposes.

5.8. By accepting the terms of these Rules, the Author confirms his awareness of the rights granted by the current legislation of Ukraine and gives his voluntary consent to the publication of his personal data for the purpose of blogging. The author at any time can change his personal information contained on the site MicroGIS MultiMarket or request that the blog be deleted along with personal information. The deletion of the blog and personal information of the author takes place within three working days after receiving the corresponding request by mail (not electronic).

6. Managing posts, articles

6.1. The site administration monitors compliance with the above rules. The administration, as a rule, leads the moderation of posts. But, at its discretion, it can produce selective moderation.

6.2. In case of non-compliance with the Rules, the Administration has the right:

a) issue a warning. A repeated warning automatically entails the application of one of subparagraphs b); c) or d) of this paragraph.

b) delete an article or comments that violate these Rules;

c) block the post of the author;

d) delete the post of the author without the right to restore.

LLC "MicroGIS" reserves the right to delete without warning any entry or close any article that, in the opinion of the administration, may cause reputational damage to LLC, threaten the security of citizens, the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

6.3. The administration announces its decision on the moderation of articles, but reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with violating authors and not to discuss the decisions made publicly.

6.4. The administration tries to ensure the smooth operation of MicroGIS MultiMarket, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of the Materials posted by the Author, as well as for the insufficient quality or speed of the service.

7. Opportunities provided to the visitor:


By visiting the pages of MicroGIS MultiMarket and leaving comments, you accept these Rules.

The comment will not be published (in pre-moderation mode) or will be deleted if:

  • promotes hatred, discrimination on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social grounds, contains insults, threats against other participants in the discussion, specific individuals or organizations, violates any applicable law;
  • distributes personal data of third parties without their consent;
  • pursues commercial purposes, contains spam, advertising information, links to resources not related to the topic of this article;
  • contains obscene vocabulary and its derivatives, as well as hints at the use of lexical units that fall under this definition;
  • contains complaints, requests of a personal nature, messages and petitions related to personal life situations and requiring a response - unless the author has clearly and unambiguously indicated a desire to receive such comments;
  • a commentator pretends to be a site employee, author, etc.

7.2. Full or partial reproduction of articles on the Internet is permitted provided that there is an active link (hyperlink) open for search indexing to the text of the article, as well as indicating the name and surname of the author, in print media - indicating the project. Blogs and the name and surname of the author.

8. Final provisions:

8.1. These Rules govern the conditions for the Author to provide Materials for placement on the Site.

8.2. All possible disputes regarding the Rules are resolved in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.3. These Rules are posted on the MicroGIS MultiMarket website. The Administration reserves the right to make changes to the Rules without notifying the Author.