Cables for computer: important communication details
Computer cables are special wires used to connect computer devices to each other or to other peripheral devices. They play an important role in transmitting data, electricity, and signals between different components of a computer system.

Currently, there are many different types of computer cables, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables are widely used to connect peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, flash drives, and others to a computer. Ethernet cables are used to connect a computer to the Internet or a local network. HDMI cables are designed for transmitting high-definition audio and video signals between a computer and a monitor or television.

Computer cables can come in different lengths and form factors to meet various needs and user requirements. They usually have different connectors at the ends to ensure proper connection and signal transmission between devices.

It is important to choose high-quality and reliable computer cables to ensure stable and safe system operation. Proper connection and use of cables can significantly improve the efficiency and performance of a computer, as well as provide fast and stable data transmission.

Computer cables are widely available on the market and are offered by various manufacturers. When choosing a cable, it is necessary to pay attention to its specifications, compatibility with devices, and the required length.

Cable multimedia DVI - DVI 1.8m
Cable DVI to DVI 1.8m
Multimedia DVI-DVI cable with a length of 1.8 meters provides high-quality signal transmission for connecting devices wi..
200.00 грн
Cable multimedia VGA - VGA 1.8m
Cable VGA - VGA 1.8m
The VGA-VGA 1.8m multimedia cable is a high-quality and reliable audiovisual cable designed specifically for transmittin..
100.00 грн
Cable USB type A - mini-USB 0.5m
Cable USB Type A to mini-USB 0.5m
USB type A to mini-USB cable 0.5m Characteristics Connector Type 1: USB Type A Connector type 2: mini-USB L..
35.00 грн
Cable USB type A - USB type B 1.8m
Cable USB Type A to USB Type B 1.8m
USB type A - USB type B 1.8m cable Characteristics Connector Type 1: USB Type A Connector Type 2: USB Type B ..
50.00 грн
Car adapter 5.0V 1.5A (mini USB)
Car power adapter 5.0V 1.5A mini USB
Car power adapter Specifications: Input voltage: 12V Output voltage: 5.0V Maximum output current: 1.5A Co..
1 review
50.00 грн
Car holder with suction cup
Car Holder
Car holder with suction cup is a device designed for convenient and safe use of a smartphone or recorder in a car. It ha..
1 review
100.00 грн
Video cable 2.5mm AV-IN
2.5mm AV-IN Input Video Cable
2.5mm AV-IN cable for GPS navigators/MP3/MP4/MP5/Video, digital photo frames and other devices. Length: 85cm..
1 review
43.50 грн
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