Modern counters and banknote detectors
Counters and banknote detectors are special devices designed for automatic counting and verification of the authenticity of banknotes. They are an important tool for various organizations involved in the processing of money, such as banks, stores, casinos, post offices, and others.

Banknote counters have a high counting speed and can handle large volumes of money. They are equipped with various functions, including denomination counting, counterfeit banknote detection, and sorting by condition (new, old, damaged, etc.). Thanks to banknote counters, the counting process becomes fast, accurate, and efficient.

Banknote detectors, in turn, are designed to verify the authenticity of banknotes. They are equipped with various technologies, such as ultraviolet radiation, magnetic field, optical scanning, and others. These technologies allow detecting counterfeit banknotes, which can be produced using various forgery methods.

Counters and banknote detectors help prevent fraud and financial losses for organizations. They provide a high level of reliability and accuracy in counting money, as well as protection against counterfeiting. The presence of such devices in an organization contributes to increased efficiency and effectiveness of work, as well as creates trust among clients and partners.

De La Rue 1600 Glory used
De La Rue 1600 Glory
De La Rue 1600 Banknote Counter is a classic counting machine with excellent functional capabilities and high reliabilit..
1 review
3,000.00 грн
Dors 1200 used
Dors 1200
DORS 1200 This universal viewing detector is designed for comprehensive visual authentication of banknotes of various..
1 review
3,000.00 грн
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