Model: LiFePo4 24V 60Ah (8s4p)
LiFePO4 33140
LiFePo4 24V 60Ah (8s4p)
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Dimensions (LxWxH):
318×176×187 mm
8.84 kg
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LiFePo4 battery 24V 60Ah (8s4p)

The rechargeable battery (ACB) is designed for stable output of high capacity during repeated deep charge-discharge cycles in electrical systems with a constant voltage of 12V. For safe operation, monitoring and control, the battery is equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System). The BMS system provides: passive balancing of cells, control of charging and discharging conditions (by voltage and current), temperature control.

Operating features:

  • When charging the battery, connect the charger connector to the battery first and then to the AC outlet;
  • After the battery is fully charged, turn off the AC power and then disconnect the battery.
  • If you first disconnect the battery pack from the charger during charging, especially when the charging current is high (red light), the charger can be easily damaged.
  • When the charger's LED indicator turns green, continue charging for 2-3 hours to balance the battery cells.
  • Please use the charger and battery in a dry place, avoid overheating and hypothermia.
  • Please try not to charge the battery immediately after the battery is depleted. Let it cool down.
  • Please do not charge the battery while it is being discharged. Otherwise, you risk damaging the battery.
  • Do not discharge the battery below the discharge voltage limit specified for the specific battery.
  • If you need to store the battery for a long time, leave the battery 40-50% charged.
  • Please do not use Li-Ion batteries in lead-acid UPS/Inverters without deep modification of the latter. Use a LiFePo4 battery and there will be little modification to the UPS/Inverters.

Battery specifications

Chassis form factor  
AGM 100Ah
Rated capacity
Battery type  
LiFePo4 33140
Circuit diagram  
Nominal voltage  
Maximum charging voltage  
Maximum charge current  
Maximum discharge voltage  
Maximum discharge current  
BMS type  
8S 50A passively balanced
Additional connector for connecting the charger  
5.5x2.1 mm
Charge state indicator  
LCD display
Additional outputs  
12V, 5V
ABS plastic
318x176х187 mm
8840 g

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (LxWxH):
318×176×187 mm
8.84 kg
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