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Motorola DM4601E
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Motorola Solutions Inc.

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Motorola Solutions Inc. is an American company, a world leader in solutions for government and commercial structures in the field of telecommunications and automated data collection. The company manufactures transceiver radio communication systems, r... Read more...
The Motorola DM4600 digital car radio is a full featured mobile solution with unsurpassed audio and data quality, text messaging, 4-line full color day/night display.
In addition, the Motorola DM4600 features best-in-class intelligent audio and a flexible voice announcement system.
The radio can be used as a base station when using optional accessories.
The Motorola DM-4600 radio station meets the requirements of IP54 protection, has a large full-color 5-line display. Motorola DM4600 can operate in both digital and analog modes.
The best audio parameters among DMR digital radios.
A high-quality high-power speaker on the front panel and an intelligent audio function automatically adjusts the volume of the radio based on the noise level.
High quality full color radio display
The radio's 5-line display provides access to a user-friendly menu system. Large and pictograms, convenient navigation buttons make it easy to view messages and navigate through the radio menu.
Night / Day mode of the radio display
Higher contrast and brightness of the display in day mode for comfortable viewing of images, night mode of the display with a reduced brightness of the walkie-talkie screen for ease of use.
Wide range of configuration options and ease of use.
The radio station supports 1000 memory channels, is equipped with a convenient volume control and 4 programmable buttons on the front panel with the ability to program one of them as an emergency call button.
Sending data via Bluetooth
Reception / transmission of information in on-line mode by connecting radio stations to equipment that supports data transfer via Bluetooth. The radio also has a Bluetooth audio transmission function and provides the ability to connect to wireless accessories.
Large set of effective applications
By purchasing Mototrbo radios you get access to a wide range of specialized applications for positioning, task management, data transfer via Bluetooth, work through the radio station with mail and database, telephony, emergency call function. as well as support for application developers when writing their own software.
Send text messages from a radio station or computer.
Sending short and status messages to group members in cases where voice communication cannot be used or may interfere with radio users.
Capacity Plus
Single site digital trunking. A system that increases the performance of the MOTOTRBO repeater. Delivers more audio and data for thousands of users or more on a single site without the need for additional frequencies.
IP Site Connect
The IP-enabled solution expands the capabilities of the MOTOTRBO radio equipment. With IP Site Connect, you can combine up to 15 geographically dispersed sites, create a large coverage area, or achieve reliable reception in areas with difficult terrain and physical obstacles.
Radio emergency call button
The orange button P4 on the car radio allows you to program the sending of an emergency call signal to the dispatcher during an emergency.
Radio transmission interruption
Allows a user with a higher priority to interrupt another radio's transmission, if necessary, in order to transmit a more important message.
Basic or enhanced security
The radio has the ability to activate scrambling functions through programming to increase the degree of confidentiality of conversations.
Frequency range
  • UHF: 403-410, 417-422, 433-450, 469-470 MHz
  • Car station
  • Compact microphone
  • Clip for microphone
  • Low profile trunnion bracket
  • Power cable

Radio specifications

Standards and frequencies  
  • UHF: 403-410, 417-422, 433-450, 469-470 MHz;
  • Number of channels: 1000;
  • Frequency range, MHz: 403-470;
  • Consumption current: up to 14.5A
  • Power supply, V: 13.5V;
Basic technical characteristics  
  • DMR compliant;
  • works in digital mode;
  • has a UHF frequency range (403-470 MHz);
  • IP54 protection class allows you to increase the operating time in harsh environments;
  • 1000 channels;
  • 4-urgent alphanumeric screen;
  • built-in 3 watt speaker for clear sound;
  • intuitive user interface;
  • Sturdy front and rear connectors
  • accessory connector supports USB interface;
  • large, comfortable volume/channel knob;
  • 4 programmable buttons for simplified operator work;
  • Multicolor radio status LED
  • easy-to-use function for group and individual calls;
  • PTT ID control is present for efficient call queue discipline;
  • The remote monitor feature provides security and a quick assessment of the status of each user;
  • convenient channel scanning mechanism, allows you to accept every call;
  • the ability to intelligently adjust the volume to compensate for background noise;
  • sound notification of channel number, power level and status of other functions;
  • the ability to use a 5-tone signal;
  • basic / advanced privacy;
  • AES256 software encryption capability;
  • VOX support;
  • function "lonely worker" (Lone Worker);
  • The ability to program the radio to operate in IP Site Connect (Single and Multi-Site), Capacity Plus (Single and Multi-Site), Capacity Max, Connect Plus modes;
  • Increased memory (128MB RAM and 256MB Flash).
  • Frequency range, MHz: UHF 403-470 MHz;
  • Channel spacing, kHz: 12.5/20/25;
  • Frequency stability, ppm: ±0.5
  • Analog Sensitivity (12dB SINAD): 0.3µV (0.22µV typical);
  • Digital Sensitivity: 5% BER: 0.3µV;
  • Intermodulation distortion suppression (TIA603D), dB: 78/75;
  • Adjacent channel selectivity (TIA603A)-1T: 80/75 dB at 25 kHz;
  • Rated audio power: 3W (internal), 7.5W (external 8Ω), 13W (external 4Ω);
  • Sound distortion at rated power, %: 3;
  • Noise and interference rejection: -45 dB at 20/25 kHz;
  • Audio channel sensitivity: TIA603D;
  • Conducted spurious radiation, dBm: -57;
  • Frequency range, MHz: 403-470;
  • Channel spacing, kHz: 12.5/20/25;
  • Frequency stability, ppm: ±0.5;
  • Output power, W: 1-25, 25-40
  • Maximum deviation: ±5 kHz at 25 kHz
  • FM hum and noise: -45 dB at 25 kHz;
  • Conducted RF: -36 dBm < 1 GHz -30 dBm > 1 GHz;
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: 70 dB at 25 kHz;
  • Audio channel sensitivity: TIA603D;
  • Sound distortion, %: 3;
  • Digital speech encoder type: AMBE+2™;
  • Digital protocol: ETSI TS102 361-1,-2,-
Operating conditions  
Operating conditions  
  • Car station - 1pc;
  • Compact microphone: 1pc;
  • Microphone clip: 1pc;
  • Low profile trunnion bracket: 1pc;
  • Power cable: 1pc;

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (LxWxH):
205.7×175.3×53.3 mm
1.8 kg
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