Model: BI 820 Trek (OBD II)
Bi Trek
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Bi Trek

Bi Trek

SPE "DISK SYSTEMS"- is one of the leaders in the contract manufacturing of electronics in Ukraine. The company has an ISO 9001-certified production facility, which employs more than 200 specialists. Since 2010, we have been developing an... Read more...

GLONASS / GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - the main difference between this model is the presence of internal GLONASS / GPS antenna that allows the installation of a hidden object.

GLONASS/GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - focused on the monitoring of motor vehicles, without the need to connect a large number of specialized sensors. In this case 820 TREK BI absorbed all the best features a top line BI 9xx TREK.

GLONASS/GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - provides quality tracking and control of ignition, fuel level sensors, and other peripherals . Protective circuits are the same as in BI 9xx TREK. Ability to connect additional equipment through a secure power supply output, small size, make the device BI 820 TREK maximum stealth and protected from external influences.

GLONASS/GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - designed to be installed on any mobile or stationary object to determine the speed, direction of movement, coordinate means GNSS, as well as to ensure the collection of data coming from external devices and their subsequent transfer to the server using GPRS.

GLONASS/GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - has a built-in battery that allows it to operate autonomously, with no external power supply, up to 8 hours in standard mode of data transmission.

GLONASS/GPS tracker BI 820 TREK - can record and store up to 65,000 records in the case of loss of communication with the GSM operator. Once the connection is restored, the tracker will transmit stored data via GPRS.


  • SiRF III GPS and Quad Band GSM 900/1800 MHz;
  • Class GPRS: 10;
  • 1 SIM card;
  • Track by SMS / GPRS (TCP / UDP);
  • Tracking on demand;
  • Fixation time interval data ;
  • Fixing data on race ;
  • Fixing data from the angle ;
  • Integrated memory for log 2 MB ( 65 000 entries) ;
  • Built-in accelerometer ;
  • Built-in backup battery at 1000 mAh;
  • Protected power output ;
  • Firmware update and data transfer by means of GPRS;
  • Authoritative list of parameters to control ;
  • USSD query processing ;
  • Digital odometer ;
  • Support Geo-fence;
  • Support iButton;
  • Alarm freelance off the external power supply ;
  • Report of your past ;
  • Interfaces : OBD II, CAN;
  • RS 232 (TTL) for programming.

Package Includes:

  • Datasheet - 1 piece. 

Technical data:

  • Network: GSM 900, 1800; 
  • Dimensions (mm): 95x95x29; 
  • Weight: 100g; 
  • Interface: OBD II, CAN; 
  • Execution: IP 65; 
  • Voltage range of digital inputs from 0V to 40V; 
  • Maximum current digital outputs: 0.5 A; 
  • Voltage range of the analog inputs from 0V to 27V; 
  • Supply voltage: 6V to 40V; 
  • Typical current consumption (12V): 60mA; 
  • Maximum current consumption (12V): 300 mA; 
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C
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