Model: BI mNVR
Bi Trek
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Bi Trek

Bi Trek

SPE "DISK SYSTEMS"- is one of the leaders in the contract manufacturing of electronics in Ukraine. The company has an ISO 9001-certified production facility, which employs more than 200 specialists. Since 2010, we have been developing an... Read more...

BI mNVR - event-based photo/video recording device, digital, for moving objects.

Event source: CONNECT bus, digital inputs

Operating modes:

  • Photo
  • Cycling a photo at a given interval,
  • Looping video
  • Fixed length video
  • Video with start and end by event
  • Photo collage with start and end by event
  • Time-lapse photo. In this mode, the device takes a photo at a specified interval, and when an event occurs, it creates a video collage of a specified number of photos before the event - “photo from the past”
  • Video with the event in the center. In this mode, when an event occurs, a video will be created that includes what is happening BEFORE the event, the event itself, and what is happening AFTER the event, after a specified time

  • Video streaming:

  • Live streaming via RTSP
  • Live streaming via RTMP
  • Live broadcasts via RTMP Publisher
  • Live broadcast via HLS protocol
  • Live broadcasting via MPEG DASH protocol

  • Monitoring:

  • Sending location and photo/link to photo or video using IPS protocol

  • Sending location and photo/link to photo or video using IPS protocol

  • Web interface
  • IPS protocol
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