Zastone is a company that manufactures radio communication devices and equipment for amateur radio communication, specialized communication groups and professional users. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1995.

Zastone offers a wide range of radios and related equipment, including portable and mobile radios, as well as antennas, batteries, chargers and more. These products are designed for use in various fields, including civil defense, rescue operations, construction, hunting and fishing, and others.

Zastone products are distinguished by high quality, reliability and performance, as well as an affordable price. The company uses advanced technologies and manufacturing processes that allow it to produce high quality products at minimal cost.

In addition, Zastone is one of the leaders in the radio communication industry in China and has an extensive network of distributors and partners around the world. Thanks to this, the company can provide a high level of support and service to its customers.

All in all, Zastone is a company that provides high quality radios and related equipment for a wide range of users and applications, and is a leader in the radio communications industry in China.

Zastone ZT-889G UHF
Zastone ZT-889G UHF
Zastone ZT-889G - Portable, analog radio station with support for X-band and GPS. Functions: GPS navigation..
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