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The company Allegro-opt was founded in 1996, initially engaged in the production and sale of audio and video cassettes. In 2004, the Videx trademark was registered. Since then, the global development of the company has started counting down. In 20... Read more...
The VIDEX VLF-AT265 tactical LED flashlight is a powerful and functional tool that provides intense illumination under any conditions. This model is intended for use by law enforcement agencies and the military. One of the primary tasks of a tactical flashlight is interaction with a weapon.


- High power: The flashlight has a luminous flux of up to 2000 lumens, which provides a fairly bright and long-range beam with an angle of 85 degrees. You can easily illuminate the desired area and use it at long distances up to 650m.

- Includes a pair of red and green glass filters with an anti-loss loop, which allows you to select the desired shade of light if necessary:

Built-in WHITE – daylight white light with 6500K color, provided by LED.

LUMINUS SFT40 with a maximum power of 20W, producing a high-intensity long-range beam up to 650m;

RED filter – red light does not impair night vision and has a lower unmasking factor than regular white light. Therefore, it is used by security forces when performing certain tasks or in other conditions when necessary;

GREEN filter – used in the hunting segment, since light in the green spectrum is much less noticeable to animals and birds.

- Easy Control: The flashlight has a simple push-button control system, allowing you to easily switch between lighting modes and use it with one hand. It has a smooth two-level tactical button that performs two functions, one of which is responsible for turning the flashlight on and off (by fully pressing the button), and the second, which switches between modes when it is on (not fully pressing the button). It should be added that the tactical turning on of the light works by partially pressing the button - in the off state.

- 4 modes! The flashlight has different lighting modes, including TURBO, MIDDLE, MOON, STROBE.

- minimum brightness of MOON mode. The brightness of this mode is configured at 10 lumens. This will be enough to, for example, check a map, and at the same time remain relatively unnoticed.

- Instant light activation - when off, press and hold the button to quickly turn on the light. When off, press and hold the button halfway down to activate the light at medium power, to activate the maximum brightness, press the button all the way down and hold it down so you get the maximum power beam of light.

- Luminous flux stabilization: the luminous flux stabilization system prevents brightness fluctuations during operation. It provides maximum, even brightness without fluctuations while maintaining safe temperature levels for all components, including the battery.

- interaction with the tactical button. The flashlight supports the use of a tactical button (VLF-ARM-01) for control, which significantly expands the range of its use among military and law enforcement professions.

- Long operating time: Thanks to replaceable lithium batteries (Li-ion 21700 4000mAh), the flashlight can work up to 117 hours in the minimum MOON brightness mode. If necessary, you can simply replace the discharged battery with another charged one: Li-ion 21700 or Li-ion 18650 (a corresponding adapter is included in the kit).

- Double-sided springs. A system of double-sided springs made of pure elastic copper absorbs recoil energy during shooting, thereby ensuring stable contact.

- Reliable, durable and well-thought-out body design: The flashlight has an excellent design, it fits comfortably and securely in the hand. Its robust body ensures resistance to falls from heights of up to 3 meters. The body is made of deeply anodized aluminum with an anti-abrasive and anti-corrosion coating, which will ensure the resistance of the coating to wear.

- A metal clip on the body allows you to attach the flashlight to clothing or a backpack. If necessary, the clip can be removed.

- Glass breakers: The front of the flashlight has glass breakers made of silicon nitride, stronger than tungsten, built into the front ring. This allows you, if necessary, to break glass in a car, house or other place in situations where it is important to save life (evacuation in case of fire, emergency on the road, etc.).

- high light transmittance glass: the optical system is equipped with tempered polarized glass, which has a high light transmittance. Also, the glass on both sides is protected by additional rubber bumpers that protect it from impacts.

- Waterproof: With IP68 water and dirt resistance, this flashlight can withstand not only rain or splashing water, but also short-term immersion under water up to 2 meters. You can use it even during rainy weather or humid environment.

- USB-C port. The built-in charging port is hidden under a protective rubber cover that prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside the case. The charging process is fast thanks to the FAST CHARGE protocol and takes only 2.5 hours.

- tactical anti-roll ring. On the body at the back of the flashlight there is a ring that prevents the flashlight from rolling on the surface and additionally contains a hole for attaching a hand strap.

- charge indication. Built-in separate charge level indicator with 5 divisions, each of which corresponds to 20% battery charge. If one is flashing, it means the battery is low.


  • Light color temperature: 6500K (daylight)
  • Operating mode: Turbo, medium, night, strobe.
  • Range:650m
  • Luminous flux:2000 Lm
  • IP:68 (2m underwater)
  • LED type: Luminus SFT40, 20W
  • Charging method: USB-C
  • Charge time: 2.5g
  • Battery type: Li-ion 21700 or 18650 4000mAh variable
  • Charge indicator: level 5
  • Fall protection: 3m
  • Lens Material: Tempered Glass
  • Housing material: Deep anodized aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Reflector surface: Microtextured
  • Discharge stabilization: Full
  • Contents: Battery, clip, hand cord, charging cable, red filter, green filter, spare seals, seal for 18650 battery, documentation
  • Quantity per box:20pcs
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Weight:210g
  • Dimensions: 145mm x 40mm x 31mm


  1. Flashlight VLF-AT265
  2. Battery Li-ion 21700 4000mAh
  3. Type-C charging cable
  4. Wrist Strap
  5. Steel bracket
  6. Tactical ring
  7. Light filters (green and red)
  8. Spare O-rings
  9. Adapter for 18650 battery
  10. User guide

The weight of the flashlight without battery is 163g±5g.
The weight of the flashlight with a standard battery is 228g.

The warranty on the flashlight is 3 years. For batteries – 1 year.
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