Trinix - these are reliable and high-quality rechargeable batteries, designed using advanced technologies. They are the perfect solution for devices that consume a large amount of energy and require long periods of autonomous operation.

Trinix batteries are made using lithium-ion cells, which provide them with high capacity and stable operation even under intensive use. Thanks to this, they are ideal for devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other electronic gadgets.

One of the key advantages of Trinix batteries is their long service life. They have a high degree of stability and maintain their capacity even after multiple charges and discharges. Thanks to this, users can be confident in the reliable and long-term operation of their devices.

An important feature of Trinix batteries is their safety. They are designed using high-quality materials that eliminate the possibility of overheating or short-circuiting. Additionally, they are equipped with a protection system that prevents overcharging and over-discharging, which contributes to extending their service life.

Trinix batteries are a reliable and innovative solution for those who value quality and reliability. They provide stable and efficient power to your device, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about running out of energy. Be confident that Trinix batteries will provide you with maximum performance and meet all your power supply needs.

Trinix LFP 12V100Ah LiFePo4
Trinix LFP 12V100Ah LiFePo4
Trinix LFP 12V100Ah LiFePo4 Battery Specifications: Device Type: LiFePo4 - lithium-iron-phosphate Features: C..
21,559.13 грн
Trinix LFP 12V18Ah LiFePo4
Trinix LFP 12V18Ah LiFePo4
Trinix LFP 12V18Ah LiFePo4 Battery TRINIX LFP 12V18Ah (LiFePO4) is a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity o..
4,762.77 грн
Trinix TGL12V200Ah/20Hr
Trinix TGL12V200Ah/20Hr Battery Specifications: Device Type: Gel (GEL Super Charge) Capacity: 200 Ah Output..
17,811.80 грн
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