Model: Asset Tracker Easy TAT100 3xBatt
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78×63×28 mm
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Teltonika is a Lithuanian company manufacturing vehicle monitoring and control devices such as GPS trackers, IoT devices and vehicle management systems. The company was founded in 1998 and today is one of the leaders in its industry. Teltonika produc... Read more...

Asset tracker easy is Teltonika's long-awaited new asset tracking solution with a rugged, practical and waterproof (IP67) housing that, when combined with various mounting accessories, makes installation extremely easy. Developed on the basis of the Bluetooth low energy chipset, it gives us the opportunity to use all our knowledge in the device and at the same time provides a long battery life. The device is ideal for tracking valuable goods, wire spools, tools, construction equipment, elevators, containers and many other non-self-propelled assets.


  • View: Tracker
  • Data transmission methods: GNSS, GSM
  • Technology: GSM / GPRS / GNSS / Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 + LE (Supported peripherals: temperature and humidity sensor, support for universal BLE sensors)


  • GNSS Antenna: Internal High Gain
  • GSM antenna: internal high gain
  • Chipset: Bluetooth Ultra-Low Energy BlueNRG-232
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • USB: 2.0 Micro-USB
  • SIM: Internal eSIM slot
  • Memory: 128 MB internal flash (220,000 entries)
  • Buttons: "Reset" button on PCB to disable


  • Configuration and firmware update: FOTA WEB (cloud solution), Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth)
  • Scenarios: Send Scheduled Recordings, Tilt Detection, Overspeed Detection, Interference Detection, Automatic and Manual Geofencing
  • Sleep Mode: GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Super Deep Sleep
  • Protocols: UDP / TCP / SMS
  • Sending data: primary, backup and backup servers
  • Security:
    • Configuration password
    • SMS login and password
    • List of authorized GSM numbers
  • Time synchronization: GNSS, NITZ, NTP


  • Type: tracker for forklifts, electric  mopeds and electric scooters
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 78 x 63 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 119 g
  • Manufacturer: Teltonika
  • Country of production: China
  • Warranty, months: 12
  • Functionality: IP67, GPS sleep mode, auto geofencing, movement monitoring, GPS tracker


  • Additionally: Product specifications and packaging are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
  • Exchange and return of goods: Exchange and return of goods is carried out within 14 days after purchase, in accordance with the law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights of Ukraine"
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