SharkRF is an innovative company specializing in the development of advanced radio devices and software for communication via radio frequencies. They offer a wide range of products that provide reliable long-distance communication.

One of SharkRF's most popular products is their device known as "OpenSPOT". OpenSPOT is a portable internet gateway that allows users to connect to radio frequency networks via the internet. This is an excellent solution for those who want to communicate over long distances, regardless of geographical barriers.

SharkRF has also developed models such as "OpenSpot2", "OpenSpot3", "OpenSpot4", "OpenSpot4 Pro", and "SharkRF IP Connector Protocol", which offer enhanced features including improved performance and extended communication capabilities. With these devices, users can quickly and easily set up communication on any radio frequency and enjoy high-quality sound and data transmission.

SharkRF aims to meet the needs of both experienced radio enthusiasts and professional users, such as technology enthusiasts and communication specialists. Their products are known for their reliability, innovative design, and extensive capabilities. Thanks to their flexible software, SharkRF satisfies the most demanding needs of their customers and provides them with modern solutions for communication via radio frequencies.

OpenSPOT2 used
Hotspot OpenSPOT2 used Features: Simple and fast setup via web interface No additional equipment required, wo..
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