The RIM-2000 company is a long-standing player in the domestic market and is currently one of the largest PC manufacturers in our country. The company's assets include standard configurations, gaming PCs, servers, media centers, and most recently began production of miniature nettop systems that are gaining popularity all over the world. In fact, these systems are necessary for accessing the Internet, viewing e-books, working in word processors or spreadsheets, listening to music or watching movies in DVD quality, as well as organizing file servers - i.e. where the performance of modern systems is excessive, which results in greater heating of PC components and significant power consumption. In addition, nettops have an undeniable advantage, namely, small size, which allows you to increase the usable area in the workplace, if it is not possible to put the "system unit" under the table. And the aesthetic side of such devices is much higher than that of conventional computers.

RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 used
RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 used
Used RIM-2000 Patriot mini Atom N-270 RIM-2000 Patriot mini is a small computer. Ideal for workplaces with li..
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