Radian LLC

The main activities of LLC "Radian" today are:

  • development, production and implementation of its own antenna-feeder components for professional radio communication systems in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz for use in commercial and departmental radio communication and data transmission systems (cellular communication, Internet, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, oil and gas complex, energy, transportation);
  • supply of professional radios and intercom devices from leading manufacturers of radio equipment such as MOTOROLA, KENWOOD, ICOM, VERTEX STANDARD;
  • repair, tuning and maintenance of base and subscriber radio equipment;
  • supply of radio frequency cable products, coaxial RF connectors and adapters.

Among the own developments of LLC "Radian" are the following antenna-feeder devices: combiner-multiplexer systems, transmitting combiners, isolators and high-frequency loads, surge protection devices, dividers; high-frequency filters, preselectors and duplexers based on bulk resonators, periodic structures and in mobile design; intermodulation filters; distribution receiving panels, low-noise amplifiers, antenna amplifiers, repeaters; stationary and mobile antennas used in radio communication and data transmission systems (trunking, paging, Altai, DECT, Senao, cellular communication systems, RadioEthernet...); power supplies and transmission path control panels. Developments in the field of telemetry and remote control means are offered.

Company website: http://radian.co.ua/

Antenna RAD-4202 UHF 400-470 МГц
The UHF antenna is a loop vibrator designed to work through a duplex filter on a single feeder. Its priorities are wide ..
1 review
9,588.81 грн
Antenna RAD-4204 UHF 400-470 МГц
The UHF antenna is a loop vibrator. Its priorities are wide operating bandwidth and practically circular radiation patte..
1 review
19,177.63 грн
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