Optolink is an innovative company specializing in the development of advanced optical technologies. They offer a wide range of solutions based on fiber optic communication, which provide high-speed data transmission, reliability, and efficiency in various fields of application.

One of Optolink's key products is high-density optical cables, which ensure data transmission over long distances without signal loss. These cables are often used in telecommunications networks, data centers, and other high-load systems.

The company also offers innovative solutions in the field of optical modules and components, which enhance network performance and ensure their reliability. These modules and components are developed using the latest technological advancements and meet high-quality standards.

Optolink actively collaborates with leading global equipment and system developers to ensure maximum compatibility and integration of its products. The company has extensive experience in optical technologies and is a reliable partner for customers seeking advanced communication and data transmission solutions.

The unique technological solutions and reliability of Optolink products make them an ideal choice for companies that value high performance, security, and efficiency of their networks. Thanks to its leading position in the market and attentive approach to customer needs, Optolink is rightfully considered one of the leading companies in the field of optical technologies.

Optolink-1M-FE-20A 1310Tx 20km media converter
Optolink-1M-FE-20A 1310Tx 20km is a media converter designed for data transmission in optical fiber networks up to a dis..
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