MicroGISCloud - SAAS version of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system

MicroGISCloud is a software, server-based geoinformation platform for satellite monitoring and monitoring systems, expanded to international standards (SAAS version).

MicroGISCloud - a new generation efficient system, which allows complex control over mobile objects for the help of the Internet, access to information from sensors in satellite terminals (trackers) installed on the ground their objects , into a single database

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MicroGIS Cloud

System warehouse

Program part:

  • Operating system: Linux 64bit
  • Program Server: Apache Tomcat
  • Database server: PostgreSQL
  • Software server: MicroGISCloud

Hardware part:

  • Computer based on Core i5 or more.

MicroGISCloud server software structure

MicroGIS Cloud Structure

  • Communication server - assignments for receiving data from mobile (satellite) terminals (trackers) and transferring configuration commands back. TCP and UDP protocols are supported;
  • Database server - appointments for collecting and collecting information;
  • Telematic server - the server of the initial functionality of the system. The server is recognized for the processing of the request for a koristuvach. The functionality of the server is automatically determined depending on the selected set of services;
  • Web server - assignments for the system to be assigned to an additional Internet browser;
  • Report server - appointments for keruvannya by notifying the loggers about the subs in the system;
  • Map server - assignments for accessing cartographic information;

How the system works

How MicroGIS Cloud works

Problems to be solved

  • Monitoring of moving objects: vehicles, spec. technology, people, animals;
  • Protection of moving objects;
  • Logistic functions;

Tasks performed by the system
Tasks handled by the system

Main Features

  • Generating a large number of reports:
    • Event reports;
    • Reports on the operation of equipment and units (mechanisms);
    • Reports on the work of drivers;
    • Reports on system operation;
    • Reports on visiting geofences;
    • Reports on traffic in geofences;
    • Report on visiting geocorridors;
    • Report on movement in geocorridors;
    • Reports on fuel consumption in accordance with established regulations;
    • Reports on fuel consumption based on data from fuel sensors;
    • OBD diagnostic reports;
    • Photo reports;
    • Group reports;
    • Final reports;
    • Informational reports;
  • The server has the ability to work with a large number of open map services:
    • Google maps;
    • Google satellite;
    • Google landscape;
    • Open Street Map maps;
    • Bing maps;
    • Bing satellite;
    • WikiMapia maps;
    • Nokia satellite;
    • TravelGPS maps;
  • Different map measurements available:
  • Measuring distances between objects;
  • Measuring areas;
  • Length measurement;
  • Planning traffic routes taking into account traffic rules, vehicle type, time of day and day of the week;
  •  Service functions:
    • The ability to view the real area using Google StreetView;
    • Building user geofences;
    • Building user geocorridors;
    • Export track for the selected period;
    • Go to Google Earth in one click;
    • Built-in route player;
    • Construction of various graphs;

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