Gembird was founded in 1997 and quickly became the world's leading supplier of cable products, computer accessories and peripherals. A clear growth strategy and commitment to excellence have led to the fact that in just 6 years Gembird has taken a recognized leading position in the global market. With its own manufacturing facility in China, Gembird sets the pace for high-tech development and offers the buyer both alternative and more traditional and less expensive suppliers. Gembird continues to strengthen its position in the market, both domestically and globally. All of this is made possible by the interplay of product development improvements, internal growth and long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers.

The Gembird brand is known for its quality and innovation in computer accessories and electronics.

Outer socket RJ45 x1 UTP CAT5e Gembird (NCAC-SMB1)
Gembird NCAC-SMB1
The Outer socket RJ45 x1 UTP CAT5e Gembird (NCAC-SMB1) is a high-quality network socket designed for use in various netw..
100.00 грн
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