Bluetti is a manufacturer of portable power sources (also known as portable solar generators) for home, office and outdoor use. Their products include the Bluetti AC50S, AC200P, EB150, EB240, EB55 line and many more. Depending on the model, the units can deliver between 300 and 2000 watts of pure sine wave power, and have built-in inverters, charge controllers, and more.

One of the features of Bluetti products is their ability to be charged by solar panels. The company also makes solar panels that can be used to charge their portable power supplies. Thanks to this feature, Bluetti products can be especially useful when traveling to nature, on picnics or as a backup power supply in case of an accident.
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BLUETTI AC200MAX Portable Charging Station
BLUETTI AC200MAX is a powerful portable power source that provides reliable and long-term power supply in any conditions..
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BLUETTI AC50S is a portable solar generator system that offers a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for obta..
25,091.70 грн
BLUETTI EB55 700W Portable Power Station
BLUETTI EB55 700W is a portable power source that provides reliable power supply in any conditions. With its help, you c..
43,419.82 грн
BLUETTI PowerOak AC200P 2000W Portable Power Station
BLUETTI PowerOak AC200P 2000W is a portable power source designed to provide energy to your devices in any conditions. W..
39.57 грн
Bluetti-EB3A 600W
The Bluetti-EB3A-600W Portable Charging Station is a high capacity mobile battery that delivers 600W of pure sine wave A..
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13,027.81 грн
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