Inspection multifunctional flashlight VIDEX VLF-M044UV use is multi-purpose, thanks to the diversity of the functionality of the flashlight. They are used mainly in the dark or in rooms without lighting.
Maximum brightness 400Lm. CREE XTE 5W LED (6500K) is used for the front light and COB 10W (4000K) for the side light. The latter works in three colors - white light, red and ultraviolet.

  • Vertically movable main part within 270 degrees.
  • The flashlight has two separate light sources.
  • The side light source (COB) has three types of light: white light with a high color rendering index (Ra>95), red constant or signal light, ultraviolet light.
  • White light with the function of smooth brightness change.
  • The built-in magnet and metal loop allow you to attach the flashlight in many ways.

  • Light color temperature: Front light: 4000K, Side light: 6500K
  • Operating mode: Maximum, COB-white, COB-red, COB-red flicker, COB-ultraviolet (UV)
  • Range: 60m
  • Luminous flux: 400 Lm
  • IP: 20
  • LED type: CREE XTE 5W + COB 10W
  • Charging method: USB-C
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery type: Li-ion 18650 2200mAh replaceable
  • Charge indicator: 5 levels
  • Fall protection: 1 m
  • Lens material: Plastic
  • Body material: Polyamide, Polyvinyl chloride, Polycarbonate
  • Reflector surface: Smooth
  • Discharge stabilization: Incomplete
  • Complete set: Battery, charging cable, documentation
  • Quantity in a box: 20 pcs
  • Color: Black-orange
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Overall dimensions: 150mm x 38mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 117g

  • Top – (front light) white light mode.
  • COB White – the white light mode of the COB lamp.
  • COB Red It is the red light mode of the COB lamp.
  • COB Red Flash – the red flashing light mode of the COB lamp.
  • COB UV – mode of ultraviolet light of the COB lamp.

  • A short press of the "ON/OFF" button turns on the light, switches between "Top" and "COB White" modes, and turns off the light.
  • Long pressing of the "ON/OFF" button when the white light is on - adjusts the brightness.
  • Double pressing of the "ON/OFF" button – activation of the group of modes "COB Red On", "COB Red Flash" and "COB UV". Short press to cycle between these modes. Double-clicking again turns off the flashlight.

  • The battery status is also constantly displayed when the light is on:
  • 5 divisions - ≤100% charge;
  • 4 divisions - ≤80% charge;
  • 3 divisions - ≤60% charge;
  • 2 divisions - ≤40% charge;
  • 1 division - ≤20% charge;
  • 1 division flashes - the battery is discharged.

When the light is off, press and hold the button for 2 seconds to see the battery level. The indication will continue as long as you hold the button.

Turn off the flashlight, open the protective cover, and connect the charging cable to the flashlight port (USB-C). During charging, the divisions of the indicator flash alternately. When fully charged, all 5 divisions of the indicator light up constantly. After fully charging, disconnect the charging cable and close the protective cover to prevent water and dust from entering the flashlight body.

The original batteries are supplied charged and can be used immediately after purchase, but it is recommended to fully charge the battery before first use. The battery must be charged in time until it is completely discharged. During long-term storage, it is recommended to keep the battery charged at about half to extend its life.

Warranty for the flashlight - 3 years, for the battery - 1 year. The warranty does not cover accessories.

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Inspection flashlight VIDEX VLF-M044UV 400Lm 4000K

  • Brand: Videx
  • Product Code: VLF-M044UV
  • Weight: 117.00g
  • Dimension: Д: 150.00mm  х  Ш: 38.00mm  x  В: 30.00mm
  • SKU: VLF-M044UV
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • 23.63 €

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