Intellectual charging device VCH-LC420. Charger for batteries.

Charger Videx VCH-LC420 is designed for multiple charging of lithium-ion (Li-ion) button batteries, such as LIR2016, LIR2025, LIR2032. The charger has four independent charging slots. The charging current is determined automatically. The device is equipped with LED indication. Charging current is 60mA, charging voltage is 4.2V.

Using the cable supplied with the charger, connect it to a compatible adapter or USB port (5V/1A). The LED indicators will signal readiness with a green color. After installing one or more batteries, the charger will enter the charging state, which will be indicated by a red LED indicator on the housing near the active slot. After charging, the indicator will light up green. There is built-in protection against overcharging and reverse polarity.

The time required for a full battery charge depends on its capacity. The charging current is determined automatically.


  • Model: LC420
  • Compatible with batteries: Li-ion: LIR2016, LIR2025, LIR2032
  • Input: USB Type-C, DC 5V/1A
  • Output: DC 4.2V, 60mA x4
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 38mm x 20mm
  • Quantity per package: 1 piece
  • Quantity per box: 60 pieces
  • Weight: 29g

Usage Features:

Use only compatible batteries. Installation of incompatible, faulty, non-rechargeable batteries may cause damage to the device or property. There is a risk of explosion.
- There is a risk of electric shock in case of damage to the housing or improper use of the device.
- The device should only be used indoors. Do not use the device in excessively humid conditions.
- Do not disassemble or modify the device.
- Avoid mechanical damage or dropping the device.
- The device can only be used by children under adult supervision.

ATTENTION - power adapter is not included in the package!

The warranty period for the charging device is 12 months from the date of sale.

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Charger universal VCH-LC420

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