The Piusi SAR 220-50 fuel dispenser is designed for pumping and dispensing gasoline and diesel fuel using a 220V power supply. The design of the dispenser makes it easy to move it directly to the places of operation of equipment, such as quarries, construction sites, etc., and by mounting it on a fuel tank, you can get an autonomous filling module.

Pumping of fuel is provided by a self-priming explosion-proof vane type pump EX50 220-50 with a capacity of 50 l/min. The duration of continuous operation of the pump is 30 minutes, which is enough for most tasks. Guaranteed dry suction height – not less than 2 meters, which allows using the dispenser to work with a variety of tanks, including underground ones. In the event that the dispensing valve closes while the pump is running, a built-in bypass valve is provided, however, prolonged operation of the pump in this mode should be avoided.

Control and accounting of the amount of pumped fuel is carried out using an electronic flow meter MGE-110. The maximum error of the device does not exceed 0.5%.
The package includes:
Pressure hose: 4 meters long and equipped with a swivel coupling and a mechanical fuel-dispensing valve;
Suction hose: 4 meters long and equipped with a non-return shut-off valve;
Fine filter.

In order to protect filling equipment and refueling equipment from solid impurities that may be in the fuel, it is recommended to install a fine filter at the inlet to the dispenser. If necessary, filters with the function of separating and retaining water can be used.

Filling column Piusi SAR 220-50 can work with gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel. Do not use the column for pumping water and water-based solutions.

Electronic counter MGE-110

The MGE-110 electronic meter is designed to control the amount of consumed / pumped diesel fuel, as well as oils with a density of SAE-140. This model is accurate and able to take measurements with various fluid flows within 5-110 l / min. The meter has a calculation error of +/- 0.5%. The working pressure of the meter for normal operation should not exceed 55 bar, and the operating temperature is in the range from -10 to +50 degrees. Fuel consumption is calculated in liters, pints, gallons or quarts, depending on the settings*. 


  • Manufacturer: Gespasa
  • Producer country: Spain
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type of liquid: diesel, gasoline, oil
  • Capacity: 5-110 l/hv
  • Counter error: up to 0.5%
  • Meter type: electronic
  • Type of counter mechanism: pulse
  • Max working pressure: 55 bar
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1' x 1'
  • Operating temperature: -10/+50 °C
  • Forbidden liquids: water
  • Warranty period: 12 months
  • Meter dimensions - 123x90x123 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg

Note: 1 gallon - 4.55 liters; 1 pint = 0.568; = 2 pints

MX-60M mechanical nozzle

Aluminum mechanical fuel dispensing valve for gasoline, diesel up to 100 l/min. The MX-60M mechanical hand gun is used for pumping diesel fuel and gasoline. This fuel dispensing valve is made of aluminum with Viton seal, which has excellent petrol-resistant performance. The model passed the quality control check twice, including after the final assembly. The MX-60M supports fuel flow up to 100 l/min. The threaded connection diameter is 1'F (25mm). The gun is quite easy to use and light.


  • Type of liquid: diesel, gasoline, oil
  • Pistol type: mechanical
  • Flow rate: 100 l/min
  • Gun nose thickness: 24mm
  • Swivel coupler: Yes
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1"
  • Forbidden liquids: water
  • Material: Aluminum


PIUSI EX50 ATEX 220V – explosion-proof, self-priming vane pump, which is designed for pumping and refueling gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel. Suitable for everyday use when refueling agricultural machinery, water and air transport, boilers and generators.
The pump is compact, has a robust design, is protected from overheating and moisture, and also has a minimum noise level. Built-in bypass valve, "bypass" fuel with closed fuel crane and running motor.


  • Manufacturer: PIUSI
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Power: 220V
  • Current: 0.8A
  • Rotation speed: 2700 rpm
  • Waterproof rating: IP55
  • Suction height: up to 2 m
  • Continuous operation cycle: S2 30 minutes
  • Capacity: up to 50 l/min
  • Pressure max.: 1.1 bar
  • Bypass valve: integrated
  • Threaded connection: 1'' BSP
  • Operating temperature min/max: -10ºC /+40ºC
  • Allowed liquids: diesel, gasoline, kerosene
  • Dimensions: 345x175x225 mm
  • Net weight: 6.9 kg

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Fuel dispenser Piusi SAR 220-50

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