The CUB™ system is an electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to monitor and display tire pressure.

The TPMS Sensor Signal Receiver Module wirelessly receives tire pressure, temperature, and sensor battery status data from the TPMS sensor and sends it to the monitor via a wired connection.

The TPMS monitor evaluates the data and then sends the data and/or alarm message to the GPS tracker via wired connection.

The GPS tracker sends this data and the location of the car to the server.

Insufficient tire pressure causes:

  • tire deformation, which is the cause of its destruction;
  • delamination and destruction of the tire carcass - "explosion" of the tire;
  • increased fuel consumption

Excessive tire pressure causes:

  • increased wear of the central part of the tread;
  • tire damage when hitting an obstacle (for example, a stone on the road) or getting into a hole.

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CUB tire pressure monitoring system

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